Why Thunderbird Productions?
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We know that there are many other companies offering Web design, hosting, and music engraving (though generally not all three from the same company!). We believe, however, that our customer service philosophy and the quality of our work put us far ahead of the competition.

Where else can you get all this?

Internet Connectivity: Multiple T3 connection
We currently have 3 T3 Lines. To understand how large this, is consider that most companies use one or two T1 lines for all their customers. A T3 line has 29 times the bandwidth of a single T1! This makes our connection approximately 87 times larger than that of most providers!
Unlimited Traffic
Most web hosting providers limit the amount of data transfer that can occur through your Web site and charge you extra if you exceed that limit. While the amount they limit you to may seem like plenty, it may not be -- if not now, then in the future. Thunderbird Productions offers you unlimited traffic for standard Web files so you will never be charged extra for the amount of traffic you receive on these files.
24 Hour E-Mail Support & On-Line Manual
Thunderbird Productions offers you a complete and user friendly On-Line Manual. If for some reason there is still a problem then you may contact us for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
99.95% Uptime
We realize the importance of having your website up and running at all times. We have been able to achieve at least a 99.95% uptime. Most of the time it's even better than that!
Thunderbird can help you be a part of phenomenal e-commerce growth by including WestCart with every new account. Zona Research Inc estimates that the e-commerce market will grow from US$31.3 billion in 1998 to a colossal US$204.1 billion in 2001. WestCart is an advanced virtual shopping cart that will turn your Web page into an online storefront, or for a fee, you can take advantage of Miva Merchant. If you need a professional, easy-to-manage online storefront, Miva Merchant is your answer.
Added Features
All of our accounts come loaded with all the latest technology:
Where else can you find so many features for such a low price?
After You Sign Up
After you sign up with Thunderbird, take advantage of the Thunderbird Online Marketing Manual. We hope it will provide you with the necessary information to boost your website ahead of your competitors.