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The Reverend Bradley C. Dyche

Father Brad joined St.A's as Rector in July of 2006, following an extensive search process.

Report from the Vestry & Search Committee
A Personal Message to the Parish from Father Brad
Sermons by Father Brad

Our Senior Warden, Gerald Ardito, explained our choice of Brad in a report written in the spring of 2006, following the hiring of our rector. From that report:

Why did we choose Brad?

We chose Brad for primarily three reasons. First, we all felt he was warm, personable, and related -- all qualities we knew were essential to this congregation. Second, he has done really good work with all levels of Christian Education -- from the Sunday School to their Youth Groups to adults. Third, he has a strong call for Outreach.

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A personal message from Brad, from a letter to St.A's sent in the spring of 2006

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bradley Callaway Dyche. And yes, it’s pronounced “Dike”. That means, if you are wondering, I often prefer to be called simply “Brad”, “Father Brad”, or as some other Southerners call me, “Bradley C.” “Father Dyche” seems too laden with irony. I am originally from Oklahoma, which you will probably hear about in my sermons, and I have lived in the New York area for most of my adult life.

But speaking of odd names and titles, I have been lately wondering what exactly is the meaning of the title “rector”? Sure, I know that it is closely related to the title “director”, but I wanted to know more. This is what I have found: according to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, the word "Rector" comes from a combination of two things. First, it is derived from the Latin word for "ruler". Interesting, I must confess. And second, “rector” refers to the person, "entitled to the whole tithes of the parish." In other words, I am supposed to be the person who rules the parish and gets to spend your money? Can you see me clasping my hands and cackling? Perhaps, not!

Let's begin again! I have accepted the call as Rector, but in my vision, it is a shared ministry. We are all the ministers of the congregation of St. Augustine's. In some cases, I do get to be the “buck” where an issue “stops,” but when I do, I do so as a leader amongst leaders. This is a mutual endeavor.

And the rest, about me and about you, I will leave for us to find out naturally as we grow together in the love of God.

God’s Peace,
Bradley C. Dyche

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Mark 1:14-20

Matthew 14:22-33

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