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In 2005, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi was ground zero for the 30-foot tsunami pushed ashore by Hurricane Katrina. 80% of the structures in the city were damaged beyond repair.

In 2007, fourteen students and nine adults spent Easter Week in Bay Saint Louis at Christ Church, our partner parish and the home of one of the volunteer worker's camps that have sprung up along the Gulf Coast.

The group spent the week at a wide variety of tasks, ranging from clearing building lots of brush and debris, to painting houses and unloading a tractor-trailer load of donated saplings.

Fundraising! Selling shares in the trip at coffee hour

"Mission on the Bay," our home for the week

Did the storm do this??

Has anyone seen Chris' pants?

Steph's home away from home

The Grounds Crew at a rehabbed house

Annie on the logsplitter

The Painting party- Day one

Henry painting with style

No details were overlooked

The paint goes on the house, Caroline

Unloading 2000 saplings before breakfast

The plumbing crew comes up for air

Jason, drop that Chainsaw!

Break time at the woodpile

Gordon making friends with the locals

Not a lot of love for FEMA...

The Christ Church Belltower; still standing

For a detailed Google Map of the area:
Bay St. Louis Map

The Washington Post has a fascinating interactive map of Katrina and its aftermath. Explore The Gulf Coast in Katrina's Wake

Map source: USGS