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The weather on the Mississippi coast has turned chilly and wet in a very short time period. Katrina is no longer in the news very often, but the catastrophic effects of the hurricane remain critical day-in and day-out for those affected. Check out Camp Coast Care for ways you can help.

Camp Coast Care


Following the devastating hurricane named Katrina that flooded New Orleans at the end of August and ravaged much of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, parishioners at St. A's joined with other Croton villagers to send assistance. The parish raised well over $3,000 to support reconditioning and driving a donated Winnebago to the Gulf. At 6 miles a gallon, just moving the vehicle to the Gulf was an expensive proposition. St. A's contributed as well all the summer clothing from the Thrift Shop. Local residents Carl Grimm and Cornelia Cotton ferried the Winnebago south, landing it at the Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach, Mississippi, where it was gratefully received and now provides a home for the director of the Coast Episcopal School, Rev. Paul Stevens and his family.

The parish continues to support Katrina relief through participation in a community committee which has been formed to continue focusing volunteer efforts on the Gulf and also through contributing funds. Notably, all the proceeds from our annual Oktoberfest celebration contributed to Katrina relief.

The Winnebago, loaded and ready to travel south

The Winnebago's rear window message

Rev.& Mrs. Paul Stevens join Croton volunteers Cornelia Cotton and Carl Grimm in the relief tent in Mississippi

The Stevens' new home

Oktoberfest at St. A's



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